How would your life and business change if we could give you back six weeks of time this year?

Get the Secrets Our Pros Use to Make More & Work Less

Give Us a Few Hours, We'll Give You Six Weeks Back

Do you feel like shoots are taking you too long? Would you rather free up that time to produce more content OR work on other things that will make you money? (OR stop working so much and take much-needed vacation time?!)

The truth is that most of the time we get into routines and habits that don't serve us time-wise. In fact, a recent photographer survey conducted by Pretty Focused found that 89% of food blog photo shoots were taking too much time. Sound familiar?

But that can change!

The Make More Work Less Bootcamp will teach you how to implement a tried and true system that will give you up to six weeks worth of time back. 

Your time is too valuable to waste. Make More. Work Less.

The Make More Work Less Bootcamp is for:

1. Pretty Focused students and grads

2. Any blogger who shoots their own recipes

3. Food blog photographers

What's Covered in this Bootcamp:

Plan. Prep. Shoot. Edit.

Get a Start-to-Finish Shooting Strategy that You Can Implement Immediately

Unlike a course, which can require a more significant time commitment, this "one and done" bootcamp offers the perfect opportunity for BUSY attendees to learn a strategy one day and start implementing it in their business the very next day.  Plus, you'll get all the benefits of live instruction!


Hey, I'm Tialyn
& I'll Be Your Instructor

This bootcamp will be led by Tialyn John, the author of the Pretty Focused Business masterclass and the facilitator of the Pretty Focused Mastermind.

Prior to joining Pretty Focused, Tialyn had an extensive career in corporate America, overseeing a multimillion dollar market, boosting company revenue and building teams. Today, she uses her experience and passion to help small business owners achieve big goals.

Tialyn’s students see immediate results - whether it’s streamlining processes to decrease work time, elevating the quality of shoots or increasing overall revenue. Those working with her have added five figures to their income and/or added weeks of vacation time to their schedules.

What Our Students Are Saying

“I just finished Tialyn Johns’ “Make More Work Less” boot camp. I applied a few things that I learned and I am so happy with my results. I cut my total time down by more than 50%! This was by far my best session and I wasn’t totally exhausted by the end of my heroes.”

- Angela K

“Breaking news! I literally shaved 4 hours off my shot time today!!! Historically I am unfocused and tend to be slow and need extra breaks due to back/body pain. This is going to be a lifesaver for me! I only had to take one break for lunch! I could have saved even more time with a little more planning! Thanks so much Tialyn John!!!!”

- Tina F

Imagine what your schedule would look like if you could shoot heroes in 30 minutes and edit a full gallery in less than 20 minutes.

Bootcamp Details

What You'll Learn:

> Set Yourself up for Success

before you even start your shoot - it's time to actually work smarter not harder

> Stop Wasting Time

master your schedule & workflow

> Live Planning Session for your Next Shoot

because knowledge without application is useless

We'll guide you through a start to finish formula that's proven to work for food blog photography

Learn the Secret Recipe for Shooting Faster... Without Sacrificing Quality

After attending the Make More Work Less Bootcamp, you will...

  • Know exactly what you need to do to prep for a shoot in under 30 minutes

  • Combine art and strategy to take a gorgeous set of hero shots in under 30 minutes

  • Learn how to execute all needed process shots in the most time-efficient way possible

  • Understand the best practices needed to keep your editing under 20 minutes in Lightroom

Even if you're already a fast shooter, the Make More Work Less Bootcamp can still offer strategies that can earn you back weeks!

A Breakdown of What You'll Get

Over 5 Hours of Content

  • Bootcamp Part 1 (42:23)
  • Bootcamp Part 2 (47:01)
  • Bootcamp Part 3 (48:40)
  • Bootcampt Part 4 (52:15)
  • VIP Q&A (67:49)
  • Bonus Q&A (65:14)
  • VIP Zoom Backgrounds
  • Bootcamp Workbook
  • Cheat Sheet Visual Guide

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